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How Do I Become a Certified Texas Teacher?

Ready, Set, Teach! by PACE is a highly respected, university-based online Texas teacher certification program that offers full Texas teacher certification within 12 months, 100% online courses, graduate course credit leading to the MA in Teaching, job alerts, and career counseling.

Pass TExES content exam (PACT testing) and apply to Ready, Set, Teach!

Upon choosing your certification area, prepare for and take the TExES PACT test for that content area. When you pass with a score of 240 or higher, you can then apply to the Ready, Set, Teach program.

Complete online modules PPR exam preparation (150 hours self-paced)

Once accepted into the RST program, you must complete the online modules that consist of 150 hours of material to prepare you for the TExES PPR exam. Highly motivated individuals can complete these modules in as little as 2-3 months. While the program is self-paced, we've found that completion times less than 2-3 months provide inadequate preparation.

Complete 40 hours of classroom observations

TEA requires that teacher candidates complete 40 hours of classroom observations prior to being hired as a classroom teacher. If you plan to do observations in Canyon ISD or Amarillo ISD, we will facilitate that scheduling for you. If you plan to observe outside of those two districts, you must contact your local school district to work out observation scheduling. View more information about observations.

You can substitute up to 15 hours of your classroom observation hours by watching video lessons from these three websites:,,

Complete online pre-employment orientation

Links to these orientation videos will be provided to you when required.

Upon successful completion of steps 1-4, you are now eligible to be employed by a school district

Great work! You are now eligible to be employed by a school district. Begin applying for positions in your content area.

Complete Module 2

Upon successfully being hired by a school district, it's time to talk to your RST adviser about which track is right for you. You can continue on with standard teacher certification and complete Module 2 while you're teaching or you can begin working towards a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree and enroll in graduate courses while you're teaching. The great thing about choosing the MAT track is that you get to transcribe 6 semester credit hours from your work in Module 1. That's the equivalent of two graduate level courses! You're already on your way!

Successfully complete one year of employment as a classroom teacher and pass PPR exam

Once you've successfully completed one full year of teaching, completed Module 2, and passed the PPR exam, you're ready to become a fully certified Texas teacher. Congratulations!


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Advantages of Ready, Set, Teach by PACE

Ready, Set, Teach! by PACE is a university-based alternative certification program for bachelor-degreed individuals who want to begin their journey in the teaching profession. Our self-paced and 100% online coursework provides flexibility with your busy schedule and allows highly motivated individuals the ability to begin seeking a teaching job in as little as 2-3 months.

Application Requirements

The following minimum requirements apply to all applicants:

Applicants with degrees from universities other than WTAMU must submit sealed, certified transcripts from every college and/or university attended. Applicants with degrees from universities outside the U.S. should contact the program prior to application. These applicants must also submit a TOEFL score report with a score of 26 on the speaking portion.

Applicants currently enrolled in a bachelor's program may be granted contingent admission during the final semester of undergraduate enrollment provided all of the above criteria are met.

Choose Your Track

One of the standout advantages of the Ready, Set, Teach! (RST) program is the option to choose the track that works best for you. Because we are a university-based program, we have the ability to offer a path towards a Master's of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree. An MAT degree can lead to getting additional certifications like Principal, Superintendent, Counselor, or Diagnostician.

Once you complete Module 1, you meet with your RST adviser to discuss the options available to you. If you choose the MAT track, you can transfer 6 semester credit hours of course work from your completion of Module 1. This gets you a jump start towards your Master's that you had to complete anyway!

If you decide that the MAT track isn't for you right now, that's okay too! You'll carry on with Module 2 and complete the program to become a fully certified Texas teacher. You can always come back to WTAMU when you're ready and complete your MAT degree completely online.

Available Certifications

Program Costs

Standard Teacher Certification Track:

Total Program Cost (Internship Route) - $3,035

Master's of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Track

Estimated Total Program Cost - $12,385 (tuition assistance is available for the graduate courses)

Exact program costs cannot be provided due to annual tuition and fee changes, residency, and student enrollment status.

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