BBA in Computer Information Systems

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BBA in Computer Information Systems

As a CIS major, you will acquires technical skills and learn the tools and concepts needed to develop meaningful and relevant information systems that synthesize software, networking, data communications, hardware, data resources, system management and people. The focus of CIS degree is on integrating information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of businesses and other enterprises, enabling them to achieve their objectives in an effective and efficient way. CIS is a business & technical discipline, and students will form a solid understanding of information systems as it relates to other business functions (finance, investment, accountancy, management, operations, and marketing) where information technologies are applied.

The West Texas A&M CIS major equips students to manage and apply technology in organizations. The focus of this degree is on the analysis, design, and implementation of information systems. Core courses provide a solid foundation in object-oriented and structured programming, modern operating systems, and database management and development. Students can tailor their learning to specific areas of interest like artificial intelligence, telecommunication, web programming, or operation management. Computer information systems majors learn technical and organizational knowledge necessary to provide technology leadership. The program’s resources provide students with hands-on, applied learning, using state-of-the-art software and technology. Cooperative educational courses allow students to work in actual industry positions, earning credit, salary, and vital real-world experience.

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The CIS major with a specialization in Decision Management focuses on the essential concepts, paradigms, and tools to successfully manage work processes and people in a wide spectrum of business enterprises. It prepares students for managing critical operations issues such as resource planning, quality management and assurance, productivity, business process flow improvement, data analysis, data mining, project management, systems integration, inventory planning, supply chain management, system thinking and decision support systems.

Program Accreditation

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems program is accredited by ABET’s Computing Accreditation Commission.  For more information see the ABET Accreditation page on the CIDM Department webpage. 

Career Opportunities

The new business enterprise relies significantly on computer information systems to maintain efficiency and reliability. Computer information systems are used to create synergy between management, employees, customers, and stakeholders of the enterprise and have become an integral part of the organization.

Information Systems (IS) professionals play a vital role in the implementation and administration of computer-based technology solutions within their organizations because they become experts in business and technology arenas.

Career Close-Up

Business Operations Manager
Average wage (TX) - $68,150
Average wage (US) - $65,960

CIS Manager
Average wage (TX) - $120,320
Average wage (US) - $120,640

Computer Programmer
Average wage (TX) - $77,500
Average wage (US) - $74,690

Computer Security Specialist
Average wage (TX) - $67,630
Average wage (US) - $70,930

Computer Systems Analyst
Average wage (TX) - $78,870
Average wage (US) - $84,650

Computer Systems Architect
Average wage (TX) - $77,030
Average wage (US) - $78,010

Computer Support Specialist
Average wage (TX) - $47,330
Average wage (US) - $47,360

Database Administrator
Average wage (TX) - $71,170
Average wage (US) - $74,290

General & Operations Manager
Average wage (TX) - $110,900
Average wage (US) - $110,550

Network Administrator
Average wage (TX) - $67,630
Average wage (US) - $70,930

Network Designer
Average wage (TX) - $77,030
Average wage (US) - $78,010

Operations Research Analyst
Average wage (TX) - $73,350
Average wage (US) - $75,370

Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Average wage (TX) - $77,030
Average wage (US) - $78,010 

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