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Online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Programs

The AACSB accredited BBA programs, within the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business at West Texas A&M University, provide students online options with an opportunity for working students and those living at a distance to earn a bachelor's degree. Program courses can be fully completed online or students may choose to combine on-campus and online courses to earn the degree.

Online BBA Programs Available:

  • Career Opportunities

    Business Operations Manager, CIS Manager, Computer Programmer, Computer Support Specialist, Computer Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, Network Designer

  • Learning Objectives

    Technical skills needed to develop relevant information systems that synthesize software, networking, data communications, hardware, data resources, system management, and people. This program focuses on the analysis, design, and implementation of information systems. Learning can be tailored to specific areas of interest such as artificial intelligence, telecommunication, web programming, or operation management.

  • Earning Capabilities

    Those in a computer information systems career have the earning capabilities between $47,330 and $78,010. 1

  • Career Opportunities

    Budget Analyst, Credit Analyst, Financial Adviser, Financial Manager, Loan Officer

  • Learning Objectives

    Financial tools that will focus on mathematics, statistical analysis, technology, and ethics. Students' critical thinking and problem solving skills will be broadened. Topics of study can include cash flows, capital budgeting, capital structure and cost of capital, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and risk management.

  • Earning Capabilities

    Those in a finance career have the earning capabilities between $40,930 and $113,120. 1

  • Career Opportunities

    Government Examiner and Regulator, Office Manager, Retail Manager, Service Manager

  • Learning Objectives

    Broad exposure to all crucial elements that help ensure an organization functions well. All business degrees involve working with numbers and statistical analysis, but general business students will also develop effective verbal and written communication skills.

  • Earning Capabilities

    Those in a business career have the earning capabilities between $39,130 and $58,030. 1

  • Career Opportunities

    Credit Analyst, Economic Development Officer, Insurance Adjuster, Loan Counselor

    Economics is often considered an ideal pre-professional undergraduate degree. Many students pursuing an undergraduate degree in economics may continue on to professional programs, which include law school.

  • Learning Objectives

    Economics combines the foundational knowledge from business with the social sciences in an effort to understand human behavior not only by using psychology and sociology, but also by studying society through mathematics, statistics, and historical analyses.

  • Earning Capabilities

    Those in an economic career have the earning capabilities between $40, 930 and $67,230. 1

  • Career Opportunities

    Chief Executive Officer, General & Operations Manager, Human Resource Manager, Personnel Recruiter

  • Learning Objectives

    Management is the use of behavioral science concepts, strategy and entrepreneurial thinking, to make decisions that will effectively and efficiently run a profit or nonprofit business. Motivating people, optimizing employee satisfaction and productivity, how to make decisions using information systems and quantitative information are just a few things learned.

  • Earning Capabilities

    Those in a management career have the earning capabilities between $40,930 and $172,280. 1

  • Career Opportunities

    Advertising & Promotion Manager, Marketing Managers, Public Relations Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Representative

  • Learning Objectives

    Marketing provides a solid understanding of various business activities that include identification and selection of target markets, development, pricing, placement and promotion of goods and services, and the management of relationships among business partners and their customers.

  • Earning Capabilities

    Those in a marketing career have the earning capabilities between $59,250 and $127,080. 1

For more information regarding our programs, please visit our BBA program page.

[1] WTAMU Office of Career Services uses data obtained from several sources including, Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), and National Student Clearinghouse.

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AACSB Accredited

The Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business at WT is accredited by AACSB International (AACSB).

Advantages of our BBA Degree

There are many benefits of pursuing and completing a degree in the College of Business at WTAMU! The online and on-campus courses are offered during the same semesters, taught by the same faculty, share the same content, and meet the same learning objectives. In addition to an engaging learning environment, either online or on-campus, students will also benefit from the following:

The College of Business at WTAMU is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or AACSB. Less than 5% of the world's 13,000 business programs earn the prestigious AACSB seal of approval. In addition to AACSB accreditation, the 2020 U.S. News & World Report Rankings for online bachelor's degree place West Texas A&M University at #16 in the nation and the highest ranking in the state of Texas.

We know that the application and advising process can seem daunting at times, but in the College of Business, we have a dedicated academic team ready to help students navigate these areas. We also provide assistance with degree planning, understanding and accessing campus resources, and even offer personalized student success coaching.

The BBA from WTAMU provides an excellent value compared with other AACSB-accredited business schools. Also, there are no additional costs or fees charged for online courses! Current information on the cost to attend WT can be found on the Business Office website. WT also provides a convenient Cost Estimator to assist students in determining the total cost of education.

For 2019-2020, we awarded approximately $500,000 in scholarships. 

Our College of Business is well known throughout the Amarillo and Canyon community. Employers across the Texas Panhandle, as well as the entire state, look to the WTAMU College of Business for student to employ. Our current percentage of graduates, gainfully placed within 6 months of graduation is over 90%.[1]

In addition, the College of Business works closely with WTAMU Career Services to ensure that students have access to career building opportunities. This includes career counseling, job shadowing, resume workshops, mock interviews, internships, and career fairs.

[1] WTAMU Office of Career Services uses data obtained from several sources including the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and National Student Clearinghouse.

Admission requirements to the College of Business

*Students that do not meet the GPA requirements, but still have at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA will still be evaluated under a competitive review process that includes factors such as courses taken, rigor of curriculum, and potential for success.

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